Akwa Ibom Boy, Jacob Aaron, 21, Set UK Music Scene Ablaze

Jacob Aaron - 789marketing
Jacob Aaron – 789marketing

Jacob Aaron, 21-year-old singer/songwriter and producer based on the south coast of England has been making waves recently by introducing his unique take on music into the local industry. His style has seen him compared to recent breakthrough artists such as ‘The Weekend’ and ‘Bryson Tiller’. His production style for his own music is heavily influenced by American techniques but has been adapted to encompass the gritty ‘UK sound’ in some respects, whether that be the unique, or more commercial tracks he has released.

Jacob has blended the new-age electronic/digital production, with an element of psychedelic and rock influences. He has been coupling these elements with the RnB and Hip/Hop styles that he has grown up on and created an individual style that is slowly but surely developing into a unique and recognizable sound.

The most recent venture in his musical journey is the creation of his latest track ‘the darkness.’ The song is much more commercial and house-influenced, combining a variation of elements from other artists, such as ‘Disclosure’. The track talks about the feeling of isolation that many people feel in the current day and age – it applies directly to Jacob, addressing his sense of isolation growing up, trying to stay true to his own style in a world where following trends seems to be the only way of staying ‘relevant’.

The growing popularity of social media has begun to crush the idea of originality, with everyone following like sheep to current trends and memes. The world is becoming saturated by a blur of clones and finding a shred of real individuality is becoming almost impossible.

Born in East London and studying Music Technology and Production at Northbrook College, part of Brighton University. Jacob is named after his paternal grandfather Nyong Jacob Obong from Itiam-Etoi in Uyo local government area of Akwaibom state, Nigeria – who sadly passed away a few months before Jacob was born. His father Bennett Nyong Jacob Obong has made sure that Jacob has been brought up knowing and understanding his African family values and he is very close to his maternal African grandmother who has supported his music career all the way.

Jacob Aaron, 21 The UK artist - 789marketing
Jacob Aaron, 21 The UK artist – 789marketing

Staying true to yourself and your own beliefs has been a mantra for Jacob throughout his entire musical career and he is planning to consistently stay true to this rule through his musical journey. The idea of setting trends, instead of following them has been an unwritten rule for him for a long while and is one that he has committed to following throughout his musical ventures.

Jacob Aaron - 789marketing
Jacob Aaron – 789marketing

The music video for ‘the darkness.’ is currently in production and is due to be released later on this Spring, the single’s video release will kickstart the build-up to the anticipated EP, ‘Perspective’, which is due to be released closer to the end of 2016.

Jacob’s most significant achievement has been winning the bid to provide the music for the 2016 Olympic Visa advert for the Great Britain Team swimmer Adam Peaty. The advert is being aired throughout the Olympic Games. An amazing achievement!


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