AXA Mansard new campaign teaches parent, child relationship in a refreshing manner

In an online world where brands are trying to maintain control of their image, a campaign built on positive search terms should appeal to advertisers.

And this campaign, has in a way, achieved that despite some little flaws.

Brands are constantly working to align themselves with relevant, appropriate content. Historically, they’ve attempted to do this in one of two ways: through contextual advertising or through keyword marketing, both of which emphasize contextual relevance to connect users with a product or service when it’s top of mind for consumers.

The insurance giant recently launched new brand campaign tagged #StayInThePicture. According to insurance brand, this is a through-the-line campaign that will run in television, online platform, out-of-home, print as well as product activation.

The brand campaign tells a story that aligns succinctly with the life insurance prodct and service, which the company is aimed at selling.

The campaign protagonist, Mimi Idris, is a reflection of the modern Nigerian child. She goes through specific moments in her life which would typically require the involvement of her mother but the father is always there for here. From school runs to shopping and and music lesson down to competition.



In a storytelling format, the communication began with Mimi Idris closing from school, apparently, because of the injury sustained by her mother; every student had left but her. The head master who looked through his office window saw her playing all by herself and decided to come down to join Mimi.

The brand campaign captured that moment where her father appeared to take home obviously late due to work and other schedules.

In those moments however, her mother is visibly absent and her father had to be present for her, making up for her mother. The mother eventually comes through by showing up for her school stage performance albeit having a constraint.

The advertising agency that created the material curated the content to fit the purpose and intent of the brand to its consumers. The campaign may not have given out the brand and it product and service from the beginning but it eventual advertises itself in the end.

Some of the elements of the AXA mansard life insurance according to brand campaign are free health check, cash back, loyalty bonus, and permanent disability cover, which perhaps Mimi’s mother enjoys.

Both approaches can work. In a recent campaign for Vasline in-text advertising was found to significantly boost brand awareness, along with metrics like brand favorability, recall, and purchase consideration. Meanwhile, major brands continue to sink millions of dollars into keyword advertising, relying on it to increase sales, improve brand perception, and assuage negative press.

But what about aligning advertising with content that actually enhances the brand image, whereby the content has a positive influence.

According to a director with the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), Rasaaq Salami, “We have always had adverts or creatives that talk about disasters and deaths. This has scared the people away from taking insurance. We are proud of this advert that focuses on benefits while the insured is alive.”