Bournvita, Repackaging and the Outcome

The Nigeria’s cocoa food drink segment of the beverage industry was never in doubt of the key players. It was usually a straight fight between Nestle Milo and Cadbury Bournvita.

Though there is also an Ovaltine constantly that lurks around for any fallout between the two.

Bournvita-IThe rivalry dates back to 70’s when Cadbury Bournvita was seen to be winning the market war.

It however looks as if the table has turned in favour of Nestle Milo as the brand remains true to it content and packing for over 5 years.

Two years ago, Cadbury introduced inflatable jar in the segment, it was speculated that Milo will jump at it but the brand advertently had refused to repackage along the inflatable jar yet dominates the market share.

Cadbury had rejigged Bournvita twice in less than 3 years. This is a clear sign of a brand in danger.

Recently, Bournvita was repackaged. Other sign of lack of product management strategy is the introduction of so-called world’s largest Cocoa-Beverage inflatable jar.

Cadbury should know that the time for recording ‘first’ is gone in marketing  but the only thing that matters is the volume and bottomline.

While Bournvita is busy creating first, Milo is penetrating the rural market and selling like hot coffee in a winter.

According to the Managing Director of Cadbury Nigeria, Mr. Roy Naman, the relaunch of Bournvita is to provide better and improved experience for its consumers. “As the needs of our consumers evolve, they trust that we would also evolve and provide them with a better and improved experience. This has been achieved by introducing the new Cadbury Bournvita with vitamins and minerals, which aims to develop both the body and mind”, he said.

born vitaThe Cadbury boss may have been briefed wrongly. No Nigerian consumer desire world largest inflatable jar when disposal income is dwindling. They need pin-size sachet and they are okay with that.

Continuous rebranding has seemingly turned a former leader into tag-along. According to reliable data, Ovaltine is number 2 in the Nigerian market while Milo is the unassailable leader in the segment.

It may be instructive to ask Cadbury how the blue laden inflatable jar introduced 2 years ago is doing in the market?

They have also digress a little bit by abandoning their traditional dip blue colour to coffee brown. This decision according to industry observers will further submerge the brand in the market. “they have played into the hands of Ovaltine” said a concerned consumer.