Brandzone Consulting stimulates SMEs into branding via ‘Brand Spark Programme’

Brandzone Consulting LLC has launched a new platform tagged Brand Spark Workshop, an innovative, practical and hands-on for Small and Medium Enterprises Do It Yourself “SME DIY” branding workshop. The Workshop is scheduled for this Friday February 24, 2017 in Lagos

The theme for the Brandzone Brand Spark Workshop for this year is “Branding For Growth”. It is a gathering designed to enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Not-For-Profit organizations gain knowledge in the areas of branding, brand management and social media/content marketing.

The programme would provide the SME owners and visioners practical tool kit and guide for understanding branding with tips for growing their businesses leveraging branding. Participants shall learn to create their own brand stories and develop excellent communication messages that resonate with their target market. In addition, they shall learn to growtheir client base and businesseswith cutting edge brand strategy. They would also learn to share their brand story by optimizing social media and content marketing.

The participants profile for the Brand Spark workshop is a mix of Small and Medium Enterprises owners and Managers. They include CEOs, Brand Managers and Marketing and Communications professionals from diverse sectors such as Mortgage and Microfinance banks, Agriculture, Technology innovators, Social entrepreneurs Health and Nutrition, Beauty and Lifestyle, Not-For-Profit Managers and Consulting. They will gather to gain experiences and practical knowledge with deep insights about creating and managing their brands for increased bottom line growth.

According to Chizor Malize, Managing Partner Brandzone and an award winning Branding expert “As the nation grapples with the impact of dwindling oil fortunes, devalued currency and weakened economy, there is no better time to become more creative with brands and branding for quality, competitiveness and growth”. In her opinion, “the decline in disposable income of consumers has brought about a marginal reduction in the propensity to consume imported goods and in a wobbling economy such as this consumers are beginning to look inwards for alternatives”.

Going further, “since consumers remain discerning and selective in their consumption habits the SME businesses must seek to project quality and differentiation for competitiveness and growth. This is where Branding comes in. Through branding, we seek to helping the SMEs to discover their inherent potentials, guide them in developing opportunities for brand positioning, design their differentiation path and building cutting edge brand strategies that keep them ahead of their competition” Malize enthused.

Speaking further, “the strategies for branding and marketing is totally different for this segment of the market (SMEs) giving their peculiarity, the stage of their operations and the current economic climate that consistently puts pressure on their operation. Brandzone recognizes these critical factors and has developed a programme customized to give SMEs significant advantage and opportunity for growth.

The workshop is structured to address the key and contemporary techniques in Branding. It would also offer social media communication strategies that can support SMEs drive increased brand penetration, revenue growth and profitability. The resource packed workshop programme includes several practical sessions to be anchored by subject matter experts.

The SME DIY Brand Workshop would provide insight and new knowledge on how to keep SME brands on the path of growth and profitability even in the most suffocating business climate like we experience today. It would provide insights on the strategies for connecting brands to consumers and sustaining consumer affinity while driving profitable businesses.

Part of the process is to provide a platform where participants will:

  • Understand Branding with tips for growing their business.
  • Learn to build their unique brand story.
  • Learn to create Client-winning brand messages.
  • Understand social media and how it works
  • Learn how to grow social media network.
  • Keep ahead of competition while building a more profitable brand

Poised on achieving collective intelligence, the BrandSpark Workshop is premised on the collection and documentation of new knowledge and best practice in the areas of branding, communications management, social media and content marketing. It is specifically created for SMEsin recognition of the importance of the segment. The programme is innovatively designed with a view to aid the growth of the SME segment, a key catalyst for the nations economic growth.