Capri-Sonne’s minion promo to engage more consumers



Capri-Sonne has taken initiatives to further engage its consumers in the ongoing Capri-sonne Minions Promo through a 360 marketing communication strategy.
The Capri-sonne Minions Promo has been deployed nationwide on regional and national television channels through an exciting television commercial that has generated huge interest amongst consumers. Children across Nigeria can now look forward to a season of adventure and fun which the Capri-Sonne Minions Promo promises through various consumer engagements platforms.
In social media, Capri-sonne Minions games can be played on the Capri-Sonne facebook page. Young fans can now participate in the fun and adventure by simply finding exciting freebies in every carton of Capri-Sonne purchased within the promo period and then takes a selfie with the gift item. They can upload the images to the Capri-Sonne Facebook page and get as many of their friends to like the picture and stand a chance of winning exciting gift items like Playstations, Tablets and lots more.
Also, consumer engagement platforms such as marketing activations in open markets and consumer activations like taste trials in schools and shopping malls has also commenced Pan Nigeria to create the excitement and buzz which Capri-Sonne is known for. Selected Primary schools across the country have been scheduled for the taste trials and exciting games which would afford the opportunity for children to win prizes.
According to Deepanjan Roy, Managing Director, Chi Limited, “the Capri-Sonne Minions promo consumer engagements offer us another platform to further reward our consumers. It is our belief that Capri-Sonne Minions Promo would continue to create an atmosphere of fun and adventure for millions of young fans across the country”
The Minions is a 2015 3D computer-animated comedy film and a presequel/spin off to the Despicable Me franchise. Minions are small, yellow impulsive creatures with odd innocence that endears them to viewers and make them relatable. They have hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and have become a huge commercial success worldwide.