Chastest Consult, Mfon Edet Foundation, fete children living with Down’s Syndrome

Chastest Consult in conjunction with Mfon Edet Foundation recently, showed love and affection to children living with down’s syndrome and other related disabilities in one of its corporate social responsibilities- CSRs at the Atunda-Olu school in Surulere, Lagos.

The event, which was held at the schools’ premises, was supported by May & Baker- Mimee noodles, Shoprite and Megito Foods. The initiative was however in commemoration of 2017 Children’s Day.

The Managing Partner of Chastest Consult, Ini Archibong who doubles as Strategy Director for the agency said “At Chastest we don’t just talk about charities or CSR projects, we are passionate about them.  As a hybrid consultancy brand with a strong social conscience, we are proud of our achievements, yet more proud of the fact that for the last 7years we had consistently donated 10% of net profit to charitable causes every year, and here we are again this year, together with a good number of our clients and the Mfon Edet Educational Foundation.

L-R. Ini Archibong, Business Development Manager, Chastest Consult; Mrs Benjamin Yemi, Principal of Atunda-Olu School; Mfon Edet; Founder “ME” Educational Foundation during the a visit to the school to celebrate Children’s Day with children living with Chromosomal Disorder and other Disabilities

Furthermore, Mr. Archibong giving reasons why the agency chose to roll out its CSR donation on a day set aside to celebrate Children’s Day, said “it’s never been part of our corporate style to make public our CSR donations but this year we thought it wise to draw the attention of Nigerians to those living with chromosomal disorder which is often referred to as Down’s Syndrome; where recent research covering a period of 9 years revealed an incidence of 1 in 865 live births in a Nigerian hospital, yet very little or no support from the government and private sector organisations to give hope to those living with this ailment and their families.

In the same vein the founder of Mfon Edet Educational Foundation, Mrs. Mfon Edet expressed her joy of partnering with Chastest Consult to reach out to a unique set of people whom the society has failed to pay apt attention to. “We visit schools across the country to enlighten the students on recycling and over the years we have done greatly but this is the first time we would be educating physically challenged children on the gains and advantages of recycling and I’m so thrilled at their zeal to wanting to learn and know more about recycling.”

The Mfon Edet Educational Foundation has been in the last 4years promoting the culture of environmental conservation by educating children on the effects of improper waste management and wealth opportunities in waste. Mrs Edet further enthused that the foundation will be planning series of events where those living with chromosomal disorder and their families would be involved in life changing projects which “we expect would give them a bigger picture and the opportunity to learn the wealth in waste recycling.”

Mrs Benjamin Yemi, the principal of the school on behalf of the students and management was full of thanks to the organisers and appealed to other private firms and organisations to find out time and pay a visit to the school. In her words “The government is doing its little best to support us and we are grateful but this cannot be done by the government alone, we have a lot of needs and we have been receiving supports which keeps us going but our population of over 130 students means much more is required, regarding teaching aids and upgrading of current facilities.

As the country celebrates this year’s children day, one would hope to see other organisations tow this line and make every Nigerian child smile.