Jamek Wines seeks to dominate Nigerian wines industry

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Jamek Wines and Beverages James Ezeh Iweh, one of Nigeria’s biggest importer of German wines in Nigeria has described wines imported by his company from Germany as the best wine imported into the Country because they were specially researched to fit into our climate and environment before production.

The Jamek boss made this known in his Company’s corporate head office in Lagos during a media briefing on his Company’s rebranding project and plans to make German wines more popular among Nigerians.

When asked on why he imports wines from Germany unlike other Countries known for the production of wines, Iweh enthused “before Jamek came up with wine importation into Nigeria, we took several bottles of existing red wines as well as sparkling wines to Germany for testing and examination because we want our partners to produce wines that fits into our climatic and environmental conditions.

This afforded us the opportunity of producing quality wines suitable for Nigerian climate”.  Speaking further on the painstaking process through which wines imported by Jamek go through before, during and after production in their production factories in Germany, Iweh explains “in 2010 our production companies in Germany namely Herres, Langguth and Zenzen all holders of European Union certificate for production of healthy drinks were visited by NAFDAC officials to inspect the Company’s production capacity such as facilities, materials and quality control. For 27 hours, a thorough inspection was undertaken and NAFDAC finally certified our wines suitable for consumption basically as a result of its production”.

On the health implication of his company’sproducts, Iweh advised Nigerians to consume his brands because they are not too sugary and are good for those who suffer from diabetes which is prevalent in Nigeria today.

“Our range of products like Romer Rose, Herres Hochgewach, Torre Molino, Fruta Y passion cocktail which is the only cocktail drink certified by NAFDAC and our premium brand James King were produced after a report indicated that  forty percent of Nigerians suffers from diabetes.

According to Iweh, “our drinks are healthy for consumption by Nigerians irrespective of the level of sugar in your system. We believe that after we finish our rebranding exercise, Nigerians will be informed on German wines and our wines will be the next big deal in Nigeria’.

The communication consultant to Jamek wines and beverages, John Bamidele revealed that a 360 degree communication blue print that will effectively inform Nigerians on German wines especially those produced and imported by Jamek wines and beverages will hit the airwaves soon.

According to Bamidele, plans are also on going to work with the German Wine Institute, German Wine Academy and Wines of Germany which were all established by the German government to market and promote German wines locally and intentionally.