Leo Burnett Lagos named ‘Young Advertising Agency of the Year’ by Brandcom

 Leo Burnett Lagos, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing agencies based out of Africa’s most vibrant city, Lagos has clinched a coveted maiden edition of Brandcom Young Advertising Agency of The Year in 2019 at the recently concluded Brandcom festival in Lagos Nigeria.


The creative agency, which is driven by the belief that creativity has the power to transform human behavior, overcame other young and vibrant advertising agencies to clinch the prestigious award at the Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos at the weekend amidst pomp and glitz.


Speaking after receiving the award, Esosa Osagiede, Creative Lead at Leo Burnett Lagos said the agency has gradually carved a niche for itself, by winning some of these competitive laurels even though it is still one of the youngest in the industry.


According to her, when Leo Burnett Lagos came on the scene we came with new thinking; the HUMANKIND philosophy; with this in our focus, we set out to not just create campaigns but transform human behavior. Therefore we have worked on campaigns that have remained memorable with some of these campaigns still running. We might remember the KONGA Christmas campaign, Heritage Bank’s New Kings and Queens of Africa, Maggi Naija Pot campaign, Crusader Sterling Pension MVP and Santa’s Last Christmas, Custodian Insurance ‘TRUST’ campaign among others. These campaigns were conceived to add value to these lifestyle brands.


Asked about the KONGA campaign, she explained the thinking behind that campaign “At the time the Konga campaign was created, the online retail platforms were just growing and then we needed to do something to make Konga become the most relevant and most trusted retail platform hence all the interesting ads campaign that followed.”



On the future of the agency, the Creative Lead believes that Leo Burnett Lagos future in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa is extremely bright. Osagiede said “Every client that comes on board is always eager to do things differently. Some recent clients are Amstel Malta with the recently launched Amstel Malt campaign “We’ve got balls”, Leadway Assurance with the “No more see finish” campaign that caused quite a stir, Page Financials,  and a lot more others on the way,” borrowing from what  the organizers have said, “real work should be rewarded and awards should not go to  the highest bidder”. Leo Burnett Lagos believes strongly that campaigns should not just impact on businesses but also on the consumers.


That is what Leo Burnett is set out to do and that is what we’ve done that earned us this award,” According to her, “the moment we start to think we have arrived, is the moment a decline will happen. Therefore, we are still going after businesses like we just open shop yesterday. We are passionate about brand building, we

are taking solutions to businesses and not just saying to them but showing them that; we are the ones they should be working with”.


Osagiede noted that the success of the agency also comes from the kind of talent we keep attracting “while other agencies might recruit just a certain kind of talent, Leo Burnett looks for people who have unusual and unique talents; people from different educational backgrounds bringing a potpourri of skills and relevant experiences to the table. At Leo Burnett Lagos, our philosophy is driven by the belief that creativity has the power to transform human behaviour. It is the core of our belief, and what we call HUMANKIND,” she said.


In its short but very vibrant presence within the Nigerian creative industry, Leo Burnett Lagos has won several awards and trophies associated with creative advertising such 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medals at 2018 Lagos Advertising & Ideas Festival (LAIF). The agency had previously shown good intent by winning 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals at 2017 LAIF Awards.


Esosa Osagiede, Creative Lead at Leo Burnett Lagos poses with her agency’s Young Advertising Agency of the Year 2019

In 2017 again, Leo Burnett received some medals for outstanding work in telecommunications 2017 African Cristal Awards. The creative firm bagged a sparkly Cristal and an Emerald overall, in the Pan-African category for our work, “Sound Of An Entrepreneur.”


And in 2016, Leo Burnett Lagos unexpectedly clinched fourth at the LAIF awards that year. Leo Burnett Lagos won 13 awards; three Gold, five Silver, and five Bronze medals. Beating industry heavyweights such as Noah’s Ark, DDB Lagos and even its sister company, Insight Publicis to clinch 4th position.


Leo Burnett Lagos is on a mission to serve human needs using creativity because we are all about people and purpose. And we love it!   Our people come from all over Nigeria. A country with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, with a fun and youthful population. In the Leo Burnett tradition, there’s always an apple waiting at the door and in the Nigerian tradition, it’s a welcome handshake and a hug, she added.