natnuPreneur Broiler out-grower scheme enhances farmers’ Profitability – Adewole


Nigeria’s foremost Broiler Out-grower scheme, ‘natnuPreneur’ is sustaining the wealth and profitability of poultry farmers in Nigeria through rigorous, scientific broiler management processes and professional counsel.

This was made known by the coordinator of thescheme, Mr. GboladeAdewole while interacting with journalists recently.

The natnuPreneur scheme is a broiler chicken outgrower scheme exclusive to natnudO foods, a subsidiary of Amo Farms Sieberer Hatchery (AFSH) whose farm infrastructure is among the most advanced in West Africa.

The scheme, which is designed to fulfill the chicken needs of Nigerians,is a win-win arrangement that seeks to ensure that good quality chicken meat that meets safety standards, are readily available to all Nigerians, through the development of poultry out-growing structure that is profitable to both farmers and agribusiness at minimal risks.

According to Mr. Adewole,the scheme, branded natnuPreneur Farmer, engages over one thousand small and medium scale poultry broiler farmers in Nigeria. This is intendedto help boost supply of high quality locally bred chicken for consumption,across the country,through the provision of inputs, training and a ready market.

In his words “natnuPreneur is strategically positioned to harness the capacity of small and medium scale farmers nationwide, as a means of enabling them towards self-sustenance by providing a guaranteed ecosystem that is mutually rewarding. We ensure that farmers’ return from poultry activities are optimized by offering themhigh quality training and advisory services, high quality farm inputs and an output off-taker scheme.

According to him, in the three years of natnuPreneur’ sexistence, over 1,000 poultry farmers across the country have benefited from the scheme, inducing the attention of governments at all levels, including financial institutions like Bank of Industry (BOI) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). “We have collaborated with these institutions and shared resources in the process. Our analysis and data are globally recognized and this is what we use to improve output of poultry farmers making them more profitable.”

“It is not enough to help farmers achieve profitability after a cycle. What we are most concerned about is that the profit is sustained and increased by the following cycles. Basically what we are doing is that we are sustaining the profitability of poultry farmers in Nigeria through poultry management processes and professional counsel.”

“We have well trained professionals with vast technical, business and project management knowledge who regularly visit registered poultry farms to ensure that our scientifically proven processes are followed. They also offer advice and proffer solution to problems should they arise in the farms. We do all these to make certain that losses, as a result of flock mortality, are reduced to the barest minimum.”

“We also teach them the technicality of managing feed and provide them with broiler vaccination schedule to ensure that their birds are healthy. We teach them the importance of good management all to make sure that they areprofitable.” He included.

Mr. Adewolethen concluded that the natnuPreneur scheme is aimed at repositioning the poultry out-grower service, by supporting the establishment of new broiler farms and the expansion of existing ones in the nooks and crannies of the country.