Strada Media Patents BRANDMYBOX, BRANDMYBIKE, Gives Platforms New Makeover

Amaka Okolo-789marketing
Amaka Okolo-789marketing, Nigeria’s first out-of-home transit media advertising company has patented and launched her Brandmybox and Brandmybike Platforms. The patented platforms is a development that comes as a result of the organization’s inventiveness and drive to provide advertisers with measureable, cost effective means of taking their advertising to their target market  especially considering the prevailing economic situation in the country.

A statement by the Managing Director of Strada Media, owners of the platforms, Amaka Okolo, said the company aims to ensure brands can do not lose touch with their consumers as a result of the high cost of advertising.

It will be recalled that the patented “Brandmykeke” and “BrandMyBike” Mobile OOH Platforms were launched in the Nigerian market earlier this year (2016) and they are aimed at giving deep brand penetration and stronger interaction between the brand and target audience.

The new “Brandmybox and Brandmybike” platforms, Okolo said, will not only help brands to raise awareness and grow their Businesses with the beautiful and affordable platform, it will also help brands cut through the clutter of traditional advertising and get their brands out on the streets where their customers are, with a sizable and fairly large advert display area.

“The 4-sided Mobile Billboard will also give brands the opportunity to define their preferred route – using a route plan, and target their customers by time and place, day or night with our friendly and professional riders who can also help hand out flyers and promotional material to target customers within the defined routes,” she stated.

Continuing, she revealed that “Brandmycar” has gotten a full patent right for the Brandmybox and Brandmybike design with provisions to have trackers installed on the platform. giving brands the option of tracking the bikes branded to ensure measurability and maximization of value.

“At Brandmycar, the ultimate goal is to convert viewers into new Customers. We provide all the gateways necessary to bring qualified leads to advertisers, offering automated lead capture from beginning to end in real-time. And advertisers can view the results of their advertising spend, and make informed adjustments to campaigns as needed,” she said.

Okolo said the platform is very affordable for advertisers as they will only have to pay N5, 000 per day to advertise on the Brandmybox platform and N3, 500 per day to advertise on the Brandmybike platform. Brands can therefore take their campaign anywhere and everywhere irrespective of the route and street road network.

Continuing, she stated that all platforms are proudly designed and “Made In Nigeria” as part of Brandmycar`scommitment to utilize local resources, creating employment and empowering skilled metal workerss. is a company that prides itself on crafting avant-garde alternative Out-of-Home (OOH) transit media platforms for brands seeking visibility in their markets of choice, The transit media advertising firm ‘connect brands with everyday people’ through high impact advertising on private cars, privately run commercial cars and KekeNapeps, Bikes, boasts etc