Tunde Shofowora’s ConsumerHalla launches consumer solution platform

A new portal aimed at providing a relief to consumers who have issues relating to how they are treated, experienced poor customer service or have complaints on goods and services purchased from major brands operating in Nigeria has been launched.


The portal, named ConsumerHalla offers such aggrieved or dissatisfied consumers a platform to lodge their complaints and receive feedback within 72 hours from such concerned organisations.


At the official launch of the brand in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Brand I Limited (a consumer based Research & Intelligence company), Tunde Shofowora said “We are excited to be making history today. ConsumerHalla is a product of many years of yearning by the Nigerian consumers who have been looking for avenues for redress as a result of poor service delivery and product offering”


“Such dissatisfied consumers now have a platform to make their voices count and be heard. At ConsumerHalla our mission is to help bring about an enhanced relationship between brands and consumers through amicable settlement of conflicts and complaints, thus creating a robust market where conversations thrive”


“We believe that genuine care for understanding the customers’ pains and then providing solutions to effectively alleviate the pains, create interactions that are mutually beneficial to both the brands and customers. When customers are put first, there is no end to revenue and profitability”


Describing how it works, he said The ConsumerHalla portal has been designed with names of major brands in Nigeria in mind. Organisations only need to sign up and such complaints lodged by consumers against their brands are automatically channelled to them for immediate response.


“This is the first of its kind in Nigeria and our vision is to help organisations create a more caring world of consumers where businesses thrive. We believe ConsumerHalla will help organisations in Nigeria strengthen their customer relationship management approach, increase loyalty and ultimately improve the consumer value chain. The fastest and most effective way to improve or grow loyalty is by making your customers very happy, he further stated


Aside issues or complaints resolution, ConsumerHalla portal also offers several other value adding services to both the consumers and brands such as consumer news, product reviews, expert opinions, analytics and best deals.