Worldview launches, Nigerian student mall

The Worldview International has launched a $450,000 technology platform that will bring an end the stress of prospective international students go through when they are trying to find a place to study abroad.

The UK Company was in Lagos recently to announce the landmark achievement.

According to the President of Worldview International Group, Mr. Folabi Obembe, ‘The accelerating use of technology represents a fundamental change in how businesses are conducted in today’s world. We have seen the likes of UBER changing transportation industry; Airbnb has significantly reduced the numbers of people staying in hotels, while the social media revolutionise our today’s communication world, but the question is whether technology has changed the way student find apply to institutions abroad because this tends to be dominated by so called recruitment agent, who charge student consultancy fee and visa counseling fee,” he added.

It doesn’t make sense for student to pay for getting admission when this can be done at the leisure of their house and at no cost to them and their parent, Obembe stated. is design to reduce the stress student go through when trying to find a place in a university. We eliminate the guesswork that comes with trying to figure out which locations and institutions offer the course you want to study. Instead of pounding out Google searches and applying to different institutions, student simply uses our platform while the platform handles the rest for them.

He said, at Worldview, “we are helping to power the new student recruitment in Africa. However, at the same time we are also making sure we stay true to the practices that have defined the industry for nearly two decades because the concern of every parent is to ensure their children.”

“All student or their parent need to do is to register on and upload all their required document, more than 500 institutions on the platform will see the student profile and will be able to invite the student to submit a full application.”

Also, as part of the company commitment to enhance African student experience, the company has launched a Nigeria student Mall (NSM) which is an e-commerce platform where student can buy almost everything they need without the need to leave their campus. Every good purchased on the platform will be delivered to students on their campuses.